Styl-Panel #1123


After-market panels to transform your IKEA™ Malm furniture and more

Styl-Panel #1123 doesn't look like much, but it packs a punch. This simple, minimalist profile adds subtle glam and sophistication.

Styl-Panel #1123 comes in two sizes (770mm and 375mm) that are designed to be suitable for IKEA's large or small Malm drawer fronts and a wide range of other applications. 

Dimensions in mm:

#1123-770: H180 x W770

#1123-375: H180 x W375

Available in the following colours and materials:

  • 3mm Foam PVC - Leave your Styl-Panel pure white or paint it any colour you choose. (Check out our Paint It Yourself guide).
  • 3mm Metal Composite - Aluminium panels bonded to a lightweight core. They come in a range of mirror and brushed metallic finishes that evoke the gravitas of brass and nickel.

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