Custom designed fretwork

Our custom resizing service allows you to customise our Styl-Panels to suit your non-IKEA furniture or IKEA items that we don't yet cover. 

Request a resizing quote

To request a custom resizing quote, download and complete the form below and email it to us. As well as giving us your contact details, you will be asked to:

  • Identify the Styl-Panel design number for resizing
  • Specify the desired dimensions in millimetres (length x height)

How to measureChoosing a Styl-Panel design

When selecting a Styl-Panel design for your furniture, please consider the proportions of your cabinetry. Some designs are better suited to rectangular dimensions. Others are more suited to square door/drawer fronts. As a guide, look at the various ways we offer the designs for different IKEA pieces in our store. For example, Styl-Panel designs to suit IKEA Malm are good for rectangular drawers/doors. Styl-Panel designs to suit IKEA Kallax or Besta (60 x 64) are good for square drawers/doors.

You also need to consider...


Does the door/drawer have handle(s) on it? Will the panel interfere with the handles?


With drawers, you have the option of taking the Styl-Panel all the way to the edge or leaving a margin. With doors, it's best to leave a margin to ensure that the door may open unhindered.

Rounded or beveled edges

Does your door/drawer have a radius (rounded) or beveled edge? If so, base your dimensions on only the flat surface area of the door/drawer. 

Hinges and door opening

With doors, take a look at how the hinge operates. European hinges (the type used in contemporary kitchen cabinetry and with most flat-pack furniture) are some of the most commonly used hinges today. As well as being concealed inside the cupboard, they may be tuned to adjust for different door thicknesses and opening angles.

Take a look at how your cabinet door opens. In most cases, it's advisable to leave at least 5 millimetres of margin between the edge of the Styl-Panel and the edge of the door. (Remember, the Styl-Panel will add 3 mm of thickness to the door.) Leaving a margin helps to ensure that the door may swing freely and open all the way.

Multiple door/drawer sizes

Some custom projects involve multiple sizes - take for instance a dresser that has a row of small drawers at the top, medium drawers in the middle and large drawers at the bottom. Simple designs tend to work best in such instances. Complicated designs with a lot of internal webbing tend not to work as well because the internal angles change as the proportion of the design changes.

Simple designs work best where multiple door/drawer sizes are involved.

Maximum dimensions

The maximum dimension in any direction (length or height) is 1000 millmetres (1.0 metre). This is the biggest allowable dimension that our shippers accommodate.


Our standard materials are available for custom orders. That includes 3 mm white paintable foamed PVC and mirrored gold/silver aluminium composite panel. See our Paint-It-Yourself Guide.

Resizing process

We want you to get the best results possible, and we'll advise you if we believe that your Styl-Panel choice needs tweaking.  Our design team is also great at adjusting the thickness of the border and webs to achieve a balanced and well-proportioned result. Feel welcome to include a photo of your furniture because, as they say, a picture tells a thousand words!

When you accept our quote, we'll then prepare an invoice and email it to you. Once paid, your order will go into our design queue. This stage usually takes about a week.

Our design team will prepare a technical drawing of your custom Styl-Panels and email it to you for approval. This is your opportunity to check the dimensions and the overall look of the design. Following your approval, your Styl-Panels will go into production and then be prepared for dispatch.


Our resizing fee is: AUD$29.95 for the first size and AUD$9.95 for the second size and each size thereafter. The per-panel price is then calculated according to the size and complexity of your panel(s) and your chosen material. This will be clearly specified in your quote. In addition, we charge calculated rates for shipping based on your location and the size and weight of your package.

For example, Jane would like us to resize Styl-Panel 1123 for a second-hand dresser and a pair of bedside tables that she's restoring. The dresser has one row of four small drawers (size 1: $29.95 + 4 x per-panel price) above one row of two large drawers (resize 2: $9.95 + 2 x per-panel price). The bedside tables each have one drawer (resize 3: $9.95 + 2 x per panel price.) Jane's quote will include $49.85 for resizing + the cost of eight panels + shipping.

Submit your completed form to HELLO@STYLKEA.COM or contact us with any questions.