A luxe IKEA hack that raises the "bar". DIY instructions for making this darling drinks cabinet in time for happy hour.

A luxe IKEA hack that raises the "bar". DIY instructions for making this darling drinks cabinet in time for happy hour.

October 03, 2017

Cocktail, anyone? This luxe IKEA Kallax hack came together in the space of an afternoon, just in time for happy hour. This darling drinks cabinet is the perfect proportion for a lounge room, parlour or dining room and the type of piece that packs oodles of style, as well as function. Here are the step-by-step instructions to make it yourself and a list of everything you'll need.

Your IKEA shopping list

 Other things you'll need:

  • 4 x Stylkea Styl-Panels (in this hack we used Styl-Panel 1118)
  • 4 x short screw-in furniture legs. I made do with some wedge replacement legs from Bunnings (Australia), but I always recommend taking a look at Pretty Pegs. They set the standard in after-market legs for IKEA.
  • Optional: Paint for the legs
  • Optional: Replacement handles (or you can use the ones supplied by IKEA with its door inserts)

STEP 1: Assemble the Kallax unit

Follow IKEA's instructions to assemble the Kallax unit and door inserts. If you don't have a cordless drill, I recommend that you think about borrowing or buying one for this project. Attaching the door inserts to the Kallax unit requires a bit of muscle and a power drill will seriously reduce the amount of elbow grease needed. Do not attach the doors to the hinges yet.

Luxury hack for IKEA Kallax

STEP 2: Attach the legs

Turn the Kallax unit upside down (on carpet or a soft, protective surface to avoid scratching) so that you can attach the legs to the bottom. If you've bought purpose-made after-market legs for IKEA (eg. from Pretty Pegs), the legs will come with base plates that affix with self-tapping screws. Remembering that IKEA is made from particle board, honeycomb cardboard and a good measure of air, a base plate that screws into the particle board is the sturdiest solution. 

Because I was using generic replacement legs, they did not come with base plates. Instead, I used a drill to make holes that were slightly smaller than the screw on the replacement legs and then gently screwed them in. I also added a squeeze of Tarzan Grip glue around the hole and the contact surface of the leg to add an extra factor of adhesion. 

(Note: I wish I'd had time to wait for some Pretty Pegs legs, but I had only 24 hours notice that the Today Show was coming to film  and I wanted to make something new for it. As it turned out, they didn't use any footage of the liquor cabinet!)

Drilling holes in IKEA Kallax for after-market legs   Adding wedge furniture legs to IKEA Kallax

STEP 3: Stick your Styl-Panels to the door fronts

Clean the front of the door inserts with isopropyl alcohol (we supply a cleaning wipe in your packaging) before peeling off the backing and gently sticking on the Styl-Panels. 

STEP 4: Add handles to the doors

IKEA Kallax door inserts comes with cute little silver handles or you can swap them out for different ones. IKEA has an excellent range of add-on handles to choose from that you know are designed to fit perfectly.

Some of our Styl-Panels for Kallax obscure the pre-drilled handle hole, while others leave it revealed. (See product descriptions.) Styl-Panel 1118 does obscure the handle hole, but don't let that stop you adding a handle. Our metal Styl-Panels are very easy to drill. Using a drill bit that's the same size as the handle hole, drill through the Styl-Panel from the back of door using the existing handle hole. I did this on the kitchen bench with a towel under the door to stop the Styl-Panel from getting scratched.Adding handles to your overlays for your IKEA hack

STEP 5: Add the doors to the Kallax unit

Fit the doors to their hinges by following IKEA's instructions. Don't forget that the hinges are tune-able. By adjusting the tightness and position of the hinge screws and tuning knob, you can get the door straight and ensure that they open and close properly.

Adjust the hinges to ensure that your Kallax door opens properly

 STEP 6: Happy hour!

Carry your darling new drinks cabinet into position and style it like the sophisticated hero piece it is. The last step is to pour yourself a cocktail - you earned it!

IKEA Kallax hack glamorous drinks cabinet


We'd love to see some photos of your project and share them with the Stylkea family. Don't forget to tag us (#stylkea) or email your photos to hello@stylkea.com.

Happy hacking!

Kylie x








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