When it comes to versatile, affordable furniture, IKEA is a big blue box of opportunity. Those clean, classic Scandi lines are the perfect canvas on which to have some fun and express your personal design style.

Our Styl-Panels are customised to perfectly fit IKEA's most popular pieces. They come in a range of durable luxe finishes, including paintable pure white and glorious mirror, matte and and brushed metallics. 

Our philosophy is simple:

We believe that people want to be co-creators and that every room deserves a hero!


Transforming IKEA has never been easier. Your Styl-Panels arrive ready to peel and stick.

1. Select design

2. Select material

3. Select panel size and quantity

4. Press them on!

Other people are talking about Stylkea

August 31, 2017

Other people are talking about Stylkea

We're not the only ones excited about transforming IKEA staples into hero pieces! Stylkea's owner and founder Kylie Hughes was interviewed by Brisbanista magazine this week about how she came up with the idea for Stylkea and how she approaches business challenges.

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9 knobs and handles IKEA hackers will "heart" + where to buy them

August 21, 2017

9 knobs and handles IKEA hackers will "heart" + where to buy them

We couldn't be more excited that handles are back - bigger, bolder and more beautiful than ever - and we've pulled together a selection to inspire IKEA hackers and DIY-ers alike. For Australian customers, mention "STYLKEA" to Handle House and receive a 30% discount!

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IKEA hack ideas and furniture customisation

July 22, 2017

Hack your IKEA™ drawers with handles - easy photo instructions

So, you've decided to hack your IKEA drawers and you've found the perfect combination of STYLKEA Styl-Panels and drawer pulls. Adding handles and knobs needs a a few basic tools and, in this article, we provide step-by-step photo instructions to get it right first time.

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